By Angela Baldassarre
October 17, 2003
An entertaining and endearing feature from Canadian actor-writer Benjamin Ratner, Moving Malcolm is somewhat reminiscent of an early Woody Allen with a smart script, some worthy performances and a feelgood premise.

Gene (Ratner) is a struggling novelist whose girlfriend, Liz (Elizabeth Berkley) left him at the altar. While dealing with his neurotic mother (Babz Chula), critical father (Jay Brazeau) and autistic sister Joey (Rebecca Harker), Gene receives a surprise visit by his ex imploring him to help her elderly father, Malcolm (John Neville) move apartments while she's away in Prague acting in a movie. Gene accepts but is constantly haunted by Liz's strangely erotic long-distance calls from the Czech Republic. When she comes home, Gene has to decide about what do with the relationship.

Neville and Ratner are terrific, but the rest of cast indulges in somewhat broad comedy. That said, Moving Malcolm is well-made Canadiana.