For immediate Release
April 25, 2003

Jay Brazeau

"The first week of shooting went as smooth as a baby's ass. Ben has a Christopher Guest/ Robert Altman style of directing. He is very intuitive and very considerate to his actors and crew. He can strecth a nickel into a dime and make it look like a dollar. "

"I could make a living being Ben's Father."

Babz Chula

"The first week of shooting was very relaxed, like being with family. Ben has made a smooth transition into a director.. He is very relaxed and open to ideas from his actors. He's a pro."

Benjamin Ratner

"The first few days of shooting take place in my parents' house. If we can get through that, the next 11 days at Riverview should be relatively sane."


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Producers: Paul Armstrong and/or Bridget Hill (604) 727.0273